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When To Replace Your Furnace?

November 23, 2021 Aaron Vaughn No Comments

Many Northern California homeowners wait until their furnace has a total meltdown before they replace it. However, this can lead to an untimely emergency that is more stressful than it is worth. Fortunately, you can usually spot warning signs that your furnace is on its way out. Then, you can strike a good deal on […]

5 Cutting-Edge HVAC Technologies Coming in 2024

April 30, 2024 matt No Comments

The HVAC industry is rapidly evolving, with innovative new technologies constantly emerging to improve efficiency, performance, and convenience. As we look ahead to 2024, several exciting advancements are poised to transform the way we heat, cool, and manage our indoor environments. In this blog post, we’ll explore five of the latest HVAC innovations that homeowners […]

Unmistakable Signs Your HVAC System Needs Maintenance or Repair

April 29, 2024 matt No Comments

In the scorching summers and chilly winters of Sacramento, CA, a properly functioning HVAC system is essential for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. However, even the most robust systems can experience wear and tear over time, leading to potential breakdowns and inefficiencies. Vaughn HVAC, a trusted name in Sacramento’s HVAC industry, understands the importance of […]

Why Is Furnace Maintenance Important

December 3, 2021 Aaron Vaughn No Comments

Looking after your furnace is probably the number one thing you need to do to be able to ensure that your furnace runs well and efficiently, but do you know what needs to be looked after and why? Well, it’s only natural that every appliance that we own can and will break down at some […]

Why Get HVAC Repair?

October 23, 2021 Aaron Vaughn No Comments

Air conditioning is one of the most efficient ways to cool your indoor living space. Space heat loss can be mitigated with central air conditioning systems, ensuring that your home is more efficient. However, air conditioning systems are susceptible to problems, even if they are properly installed by experienced HVAC technicians. An under-performing air conditioner […]